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There is no denying; we are living in a world of more: more websites, more products, more promotions, more confusion and more chaos. All of which leads to less; less clarity, less quality, less confidence, less time, and less taste.

At KOMPSi Consulting we spend endless efforts recruiting the best and implementing innovative approaches that we remorselessly fine tune to help our clients achieve their project desired outcomes.

Our Approach

Kompsi Consulting Innovation


Using combinational possibilities, we are convinced that, we can create an original approach in recovering projects. This is because from our experience nearly every new idea is a synthesis of other ideas.

We relentlessly strive to get a combination that would resolve our clients’ challenges and at the same time make things easier for our clients.

Delivering high-quality outcomes designed to minimize our client costs whilst maximizing client value.

Kompsi Consulting Teamwork


We firmly believe in collaboration. We work closely with our clients at their greatest hour of need and help them to quickly identify the threats, problems, and opportunities facing their project.

Entrenching ourselves in dynamic interactions with our client’s staff at all levels enables us to quickly bring all the puzzles together, providing valuable information, develop and present compelling presentations, memoranda and reports. The outcomes inform and secure endorsements from the key stakeholders.

Kompsi Consulting Strategy


Our unique blended approach distinguishes us from other consulting firms. Our “see the big picture" approach combined with an intuitive method of mapping organizational strategies line of sight that align with the project plan make us champions in our offerings.

Our ability to employ combinational possibilities, apply lateral thinking, challenge the status quo, lead and motivate project teams, alert groups to the need for specific change and to facilitate new processes helps our clients to realize valuable project outcomes.

Kompsi Consulting Improvement


In our quest for excellence we remorselessly work to improve our approach and further support our clients to achieve quality, valuable and cost-effective project outcomes.

Kompsi Consulting Leadership


We encompass a unique and robust blend of project leadership founded on our belief in situational and transactional leadership principles. Our exemplary vision empowers us to lead our clients toward sustained success.

We pride ourselves in the ability to figure out how to work with others to get things done, especially when there are obstacles. We make things happen!

Kompsi Consult Delivery


We work closely with our clients when reviewing and analyzing details of stalled projects. We establish and evaluate objectives, plan and manage the process, identify obstacles, and resolve problems.

Our practical hands-on and undivided attention approach to solving our clients' complicated project woes uniquely positions us to get the job done right on time, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies.

We focus on the mission and maneuver around the obstacles without losing sight of the fundamental objective, which is getting our clients’ project back on the path to success.


Worry no more we have you covered!

We expertly combine the disciplines of strategy, innovation and project management in:

Project Advisory

We offer project management advisory at all project stages key to making your project a success.

Project Assessment

State of the project. When projects aren’t running smoothly the focus can become delivery at all costs--which leads to a downward spiral that includes poor quality, inefficiency, late delivery, and poor predictability. Drawing on our past work, an assessment zeroes in on problem areas and provide practical recommendations. We achieve this through “Rapid” Project Assessment.

Project Audit

Project audit provides an opportunity to uncover the issues, concerns and challenges encountered in the running of the or execution of a project. It affords management/project manager, sponsor and teams an interim view of what has gone well and what needs to be improved for sustained success.

Assignment/Project Handling

We offer project preparation, analysis, and management of your project plan. We identify the parties’ entitlement, causes of impact, the effect of those causes on project performance, and the associated quantification of damages.

Project Risk Aversion

By identifying potential risks from the onset, we will prevent your project from getting further disrupted by carefully looking at the challenges your project is facing and performing root cause analysis to determine whether the problems are caused by time, cost, quality or scope issues.

Project Recovery

We offer project recovery planning and execution. Simply put, “troubled” means that the project's variance trends of the time, cost and scope have exceeded acceptable levels, and, without immediate intervention, the project will continue on a path to failure. Troubled projects carry a high cost both to your organization and, by association, to you and your key executives.

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Our Skills

Our recovery managers employ a specialized set of skills and techniques to successfully get your project back on track.

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